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Camp for longer with 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel!

Everything you need to know about our amazing 160 Watt Portable !
For more information on our Portable  click here: Hi, it’s Ian from iTechworld and today we are talking about solar power and the new iTechworld 160 Watt Portable  is ideal if you want to free camp and get away from powered sites and mains power. The reason it’s good to have because it produces 9 amps of power per hour. On average in Australia, we get about 8 hours of sunlight per day so we can produce 9 amps every hour that means we make 72 amps over a one-day period, which is enough to replenish a 100 amp hour or even a 120 amp hour battery. So what that means in real life terms you can run your 12-volt appliances such as your fridge, 12-volt TV, your lights, all your rechargeable accessories and you don’t need to worry about your battery being flat as you’re producing enough power to cover what you’re using. So you can even run your fridge overnight and the next morning you will wake up and you will still have power left over.  Which in the long run gives you peace of mind! When you get an iTechworld 160 Watt Portable  you will actually save money because you won’t have to spend any money on staying at powered camp sites anymore. After about two weeks the panel pays for itself. Which is a pretty smart investment because you get a return in about 2 weeks! iTechworld take pleasure in building a solar panel that is fit for purpose in Australia, we make sure we get all the quality fittings and features correct first time so we will have stainless steel hinges and brackets all over the panel. We make sure the handle is collapsible so unlike over panels where is comes off right away, this one won’t as it’s really robust. The cell technology we use in our solar cells is Monocrystalline solar cells which are German certified. We give you a 25-year warranty on each of the cells and they are the best cells you can get in Australia today. What Monocrystalline means is these solar cells will actually produce power in shade and in low light. So you don’t have to be 100% in sunlight to generate power. A portable solar panel is only as good as the solar controller it comes with. We have looked at other people’s solar panels and their controllers are average. We make our solar panels have MPPT controllers on every single one. What that means is it will grab the highest voltage possible from the solar panel and feed that effectively into your battery giving you a better and cleaner charge. With the iTechworld solar panel, it is completely waterproof right down to the regulator to the controller, all the fittings, everything is marine grade waterproof so you can have it out in the rain and it won’t get rusty or damaged, its fit for purpose. One of the most important things with the iTechworld solar panel that we think is a big thing is the bag. We found a lot of other solar panel companies the bag they use is not very good I’ll give you an example. This is a standard bag you’d get online from some of those companies. It isn’t padded and quite flimsy and if you pull at it enough you can rip is quite easily. The difference with the iTechworld one is the handle from the solar panel pops out the top so you never have any weight on the bag and the bag is padded on each side. So you get protection and the bag will last as long as the panel. That’s been a quick demonstration on our 160 Watt Portable , Thanks for watching!
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