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SKF Induction heaters TIH Series

SKF pioneered the use of induction bearing heater over 25 years ago. After consulting many uses, the current bearing heating range not only has class leading performance but is designed ergonomically for ease of use. The standard range consists of three heaters. The SKF Small Induction Heater TIH 030m which can heat a thirty kilogram bearing in twenty minutes. The SKF Medium Induction Heater TIH 100m which can heat a 100 kilogram bearing in 20 minutes and SKF Large Induction Heater TIH 220m which can heat a 220 kilogram bearing in just 20 minutes. SKF induction heaters can also be used for other work pieces such as gears or pulleys. For large applications, a range of custom-made heaters is available. Let us look at the SKF heaters in detail. The coil is on the outside for maximum efficiency. Fold-out legs to support the bearing. A remote control cooperated to enhance safety. Internal yoke storage is also available. By using this selection chart, it is easy to choose the right heater for your needs. Let us follow a technician in his daily work and see how the induction heater makes mounting bearings easy.
To get the best from the SKF bearing heater, always read the instruction before using. Pay attention to the safety warnings to get you and those around you safe. Check if the heater is supply voltage before use. If okay then plug the heater. First, remove the yoke and fold-out the legs. Position the bearing to be heated around the coil. Carefully placed the yoke on the upper right and finally attach the temperature probe on the inner ring of the bearing. For bearings and work pieces that do not fit over the coil, simply position them on the largest yoke possible making sure that the yoke is properly on the upper right. Then remove the remote control from the heater. Switch on the heater and observe the display segment. The default heating temperature is 110 C˚ but can easily be adjusted by the user. Here we will use the default temperature of 110 C˚. Have a safe distance from the bearing heater and then press the start button. The bearing will start to heat up and the actual temperature can be seen on the remote control. When the bearing in the ring starts to reach the required temperature, the heater will stop and give visual indication and warning tone. The bearing is also automatically demagnetized at the end of the heating cycle. If you decide to leave the bearing on the heater, it will automatically start re-heating the bearing when the temperature drops by 10 C˚. The bearing is now heated at the correct temperature and can now be mounted. First press the stop button. Using heat resistant gloves provided with the heater, remove the temperature probe and the yoke. Remove the bearing and place directly on the shaft. The bearing will cool down and the strong interference fit will result. SKF induction heaters offer many advantage, features and possibilities. SKF heaters are very fast and efficient but for some bearings, you need to heat them slowly.Bearings with small clearances such as C1 and C2, brass cages, preloaded or those fitted on the smaller yoke should be heated slowly. This can be done by simply pressing the power button to select 50% power. As a safety feature, if the temperature probe is not mounted correctly and if the temperature does not increase rapidly, an error code is displayed. For heating large work pieces such as G wheels and pulleys, you can choose to set the heater to operating at a pre-determined time while monitoring the temperature. Before heating, just press the mode button and the mode toggles to time. The required time can now be installed in units of .1 of a minute then heat the work piece as usual. For some markets, Fahrenheit is preferred temperature unit. It is easy to display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Simply press mode and up to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. You have seen that the SKF induction heaters are not only fast, efficient and easy to use but designed for safety and ruggedness in mind. For more details and questions about SKF induction heaters and ball bearings, you may contact Bearing Shop UK at +44 or e-mail us at . We are located at Unit 13 Neptune Close, Medway City Ind. Est, Rochester, ME2 4LT. BearingShop is part of a large bearing distribution company that has been trading for the past 20 years. We strive to provide an excellent service to all our customers no matter how big or small.Source: 
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